Year Milestones
1946-47 November 1946
  • Imprisoned as a C-class detinue for participating in the freedom struggle.
  • Wrote a column named 'Karuppum Veluppum' for C M Stephen's newspaper, 'Pauraprabha'.
  • For the next six years, wrote for A V George's, 'Keralabhooshanam'.
  • Wrote 'Karuppum Veluppum' in Mathrubhumi on AP Udayabhanu's request, who was the Joint Editor of Mathrubhumi.
  • Wrote 'Karuppum Veluppum' for the magazine 'Manoraajyam'.
  • Worked as a journalist for 'Democrat', 'Prasanna Keralam', and 'Chitrodayam' magazines.
1947 December
  • DC took over NBS by buying off the partners shares.
  • DC's 'Karuppum Veluppum' was published as a book. The book was an amalgamation of the articles published in the newspapers, 'Pauraprabha' and 'Keralabhooshanam'. It was a satire on social issues and the political scenario in old Travancore and the Kingdom of Kochi.
  • DC's book 'Elivaanam' was published through SPCS. The book had 15 satirical essays which shed light into Diwan Ramaswamy Iyer's governance. Kesari A Balakrishnan Pillai's critical analysis of the book was added in the 2nd edition.
1949 June
  • Became the General Manager of NBS.
1950 August
  • DC's 'Kuttichool' was published. It was a collection of 18 satirical essays about Travancore politics between the period of 1947-1950
  • The sales tax for printed books was abolished at the behest of DC. A far reaching milestone prompted Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru to recommend the same on a national level.
1955 April
  • 'Methranum Kothukum', a collection of 11 satirical essays about bishops and politics was published. The book has a foreword by Ananthakuttan
1956 February
  • DC kept Thakazhi on house-arrest after Thakazhi went on delaying the submission of 'Chemmeen's manuscript. The book was completed and the work went to be printed in a few weeks. When 11 prints were sold, DC edited the 337 page magnum opus to 264 pages and had 11,000 copies printed at Rs.1.50/- The book sold like hot cakes.
  • At the National Book exhibition held at Delhi, the responsibility of setting up the Malayalam section was entrusted with DC. He managed to get the abridged Bible (1772 Rome), New Testament (1811, Bombay and 1829, CMS). The exhibition was visited by Jawaharlal Nehru.
October 3-7
  • DC organized the five-day all Kerala Sahitya Parishad programme.
  • Took charge as Kottayam Public Library Secretary. Organised Lottery Scheme for raising funds for the library. It worked out well. The library was inaugurated by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on 1st July 1966.
1963 August 26
  • Got married to Ponnamma, daughter of P.V. Isaac. She was a teacher at Thiruvalla Balikamadhom. The wedding was solemnized at Lourde church, Kottayam.
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