Year Milestones
1964 August 15
  • DC started a new scheme called 'Selection of stories' (Thiranjedutha Kathakal). He published the stories of the following authors as a collection: Ponkunnam Varkey, Keshavadev, Thakazhi, Karur and S.K.Pottekad. These books came out with a hardbound cover with beautiful illustrations.
1965 June 30
  • Became SPCS Secretary.
    Introduced new schemes such as Book Installment Scheme(BIS), Home Library Scheme (HLS) and Pre-publication Schemes to increase the sales of the books. The idea of pre-publication scheme was originally conceived by DC. A catalogue enlisting all the Malayalam books was published. The publication date for C.Madhavan's English-Malayalam dictionary was 15th March 1966. Around 10,000 people made use of this scheme.
1966 October 2
  • It was decided to publish 'Vishwavigyanakosham' in ten volumes. This was made possible by DC's efficient time management.
1967 March
  • With sanction from the then Governor, the second lottery for Kottayam Public Library was initiated under the guidance of DC. The prize money was to be Rs. 1 lakh and the ticket price Rs.1/-. The demand for the ticket was phenomenal and the prize money was soon raised to Rs.1,20,000/-. Using the profit, the library acquired several acres of land. Also the number of books was increased from 7000 to 1,00,000.
  • At that time, the Government decided to start a lottery of its own. The then Finance Minister, P.K. Kunju, came to Kottayam and consulted DC to know more about the management of lotteries. DC gave the machine which was used for the Library lottery for free. In short, it was the Kottayam Public Library Lottery Scheme that acted as model for Kerala State Lotteries.
  • 'Kottaram Shankunni Smaraka Samithi' was founded with Malayala Manorama Chief Editor K.M. Cherian as President and DC Kizhakemuri as Vice President.
  • An unabridged edition of A.R.'s 'Kerala Panineeyam' was published by DC, which was warmly welcomed by booklovers.
  • On the occasion of the Silver Jubilee celebrations of SPCS, the Chief Minister
  • appreciated DC's relentless efforts.
April 30
  • The first two volumes of 'Vishwavijnanakosham' were published.
  • DC was suspended from the position of SPCS Secretary
1971 October 19
  • The suspension was withdrawn. He was given the temporary post of 'Special Officer for Planning and Development
1972 January 30
  • DC was reappointed SPCS Secretary as per the decision of the Director Board.
February 1
  • Took charge as SPCS Secretary
September 15
  • Received honorary award for taking part in the freedom struggle.
  • Nominated as a member of the steering group of the State Planning Board's 5th Five Year Plan.
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