Year Milestones
1982 January 21
  • DC's talk with CM A.K. Antony, on the issue of providing for the sustenance and development of art and culture proved fruitful. The newsletter of DC Books, 'DCB News' in which DC wrote about the importance of maintaining and developing the arts played an important role in moulding the government's decision of giving due significance to the fine arts.
February 15
  • DC received the National award for the outstanding printing quality and direction of the book 'Samkshepavedhaartham' from President Neelam Sanjiva Reddy at New Delhi.
1983 May
  • DC published a concise version of T.Ramalinga Pillai's English-English-Malayalam Dictionary (3 Volumes). The book was edited by M.S.Chandrashekharan Warrier. It became India's largest selling bilingual dictionary.
December 4
  • Akashavani broadcasted 'Indian Swaathanthrya Samarathinte Kadha', a programme conceptualized by DC.
1984 February 26
  • DC was elected as the president of the Kerala State Freedom Fighters Association.
  • DC started writing a column 'Cheriya Kaaryangal Maathram' for the weekly, 'Kumkumam'.
  • Akashavani telecasted DC's speech on the books, ‘Naduvaazhiyude Mookku' by V.P.Muhammad and ‘Priyadarshini' by Tatapuram Sukumaran
  • A criticism about Kerala Congress in DC's ‘Karuppum Veluppum' was presented in the Legislative Assembly by Lonappan Nambadan.
1989 May
  • DC Books started Malayalam DTP (Desktop Publishing), the first in Indian regional languages.
  • DC was elected the State President of ‘Navabharathavedi'
  • DC won Thrissur Sahrida Vedi's award for his admirable contributions in promoting language and culture.
1990 October
  • DC received Dr. Nelson Mandela at Delhi on 15th October, as a member of the National Reception Committee.
1992 July
  • DC Kizhakemuri was unanimously elected as the vice president of the Federation of Indian Publishers (FIP). It was the first time that a Malayalee publisher took charge of an organization with representatives from all over India.
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